Hungarian Association of Pension and Health Care Funds

About Health Funds

About Health Funds

Everything you need to know about health and self-care funds

An important element of self-care is to ensure the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones, in which health and self-care funds help funding members.

Health fund members can fund their health expenses – private health services and health products – either through their individual contributions or through employer contributions.

Fund members are entitled to a 20% annual tax refund of up to 150 000 HUF during their annual personal income tax declaration, and National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV) transfers this tax discount to their individual voluntary fund account selected by the members.

Why is it worth it?

From the age of 16, anyone can join voluntary health funds to take care of their health savings in the short and long term.

From the amount in the health fund account, health services and, after a certain waiting period, individual self-help services can be financed continuously and immediately.

Not only is the member of the funds are entitled to finance various health services and products from the savings collected on the health fund account that are supported by tax discounts, but their relatives’ and even their whole family’s health-related expenses can be funded. Fund members can pick beneficiaries and the costs of the services they use can also be covered from the fund member’s account.

How does it work?

Get to know how health funds work.

Who are the member funds?

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