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About Pension Funds

About Pension Funds

Everything about pension funds

The purpose of voluntary pension fund savings is to supplement the state pension so that fund members can provide themselves with a more pleasant and financially secure old age. Savings are voluntary, the fund members voluntarily collect for their retirement years, this is called self-care.

Retirement fund savings are long-term investments; however, it is up to the individual decisions of members to decide how long to save money and how much risk to take. This is because the funds place the savings of the fund members in various (optional) portfolios, which greatly influence the short-term and long-term development of the savings. The amount set aside is managed by professional trustees.

If you start saving in a voluntary pension fund on time, it is enough to pay a small amount every month and you can still accumulate serious assets in your account. Amounts paid to the voluntary pension fund account individually and by the employer, as well as credited supporter donations can be refunded through taxes. This and the out-turn achieved by the Funds result an excellent long-term investment.