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The history of the Hungarian Association of Pension and Health Care Funds

September, 2021 – The jubilee Fund Conference welcomes experts and guests from the sector in person again.

March, 2021 – The Money Masters quiz has started on the renewed website, welcoming the competitors with an expanded Knowledge Base and quiz questions.

December, 2020 – Due to the epidemic situation, the Fund Conference is moved to an online platform.

February, 2020 – Csaba Nagy becomes the President of ÖPOSZ (Hungarian Association of Pension and Health Care Funds), Dr. Gábor Kravalik becomes the secretary general.

From 2019 – Negotiations have started with the and Ministry of Finances and the MNB on the introduction of a fund guarantee system and the further stabilization of the fund’s operating environment.

February, 2019 – The Money Masters quiz has started, which became a huge success over the years.

2019 – The model of data protection regulations for the sector has been completed.

2018 – The model of money laundering regulations of the sector has been completed (which is unique in the financial field).

2018 – The development of the Association’s own pension calculator, which has been taken over by several national institutions and the funds.

November, 2017 – A new, more favorable tax rate for employee benefits is introduced – fund solutions could play a bigger role.

November, 2017 – ÖPOSZ and PRIMUS signed a strategic agreement – the initiative of ÖPOSZ and PRIMUS can bring a tax advantage and a cleansing in the market.

September, 2017 – Fund Conference 2017: The employee, employer and state have a shared responsibility in saving money – The focus is on financial awareness and self-sufficiency.

January, 2017 – Voluntary fund membership is the key to the future – Cooperation agreement was sign between VDSZ and ÖPOSZ to increase self-care.

2016 – BISNOD and ÖPOSZ sign a cooperation agreement.

September, 2016 – BAMOSZ and ÖPOSZ sign a cooperation agreement.

September, 2016 – BÉT and ÖPOSZ sign a cooperation agreement.

July, 2016 – The Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists and ÖPOSZ sign a cooperation agreement. In unity for health.

June, 2016 – ÖPOSZ conducts a survey among fund members. 32,000 respondents share their opinion.

May, 2016 – ÖPOSZ requests independent support for self-care outside the cafeteria system. The future of thousands of workers is at stake.

2016 – Several years of cooperation started with Századvég.

2016 – Code of Ethics, Pmt Model Policy, Data Protection Model Policy were introduced by the Association

2016 – The sector results became available on the web for the first time.

2016 – With the contribution of ÖPOSZ, a new institutional model has been introduced: the health and self-help fund.

October, 2015 – The Fund Conference was organized again after 5 years and every year since.

September, 2015 – Cooperation agreement with the Hungarian National Bank.

June, 2015 – ÖPOSZ participated in the National Pénzsztár academic competition.

May, 2015 – The Association of Voluntary Funds is renewed under the name of the National Association of Voluntary Funds.

March, 2015 – Renewal of the Chairman position and the election of the Supervisory Board in the Fund Association.

February, 2015 – The value of voluntary pension funds surpasses 1000 billion HUF.

2015 – A membership scheme for supporters was introduced, which was one of the biggest reforms for the internal function of the Fund Association.

2015 – Regularly organized club events were held, where the leaders of the MNB, BÉT, and Ministry of Finances were also hosted.

2015 – ÖPOSZ have quarterly published an online periodical public opinion survey (own and nationally representative).

2015 – ÖPOSZ joined Hungary’s FinTech Strategy.

2015 – ÖPOSZ joined the initiative of the Hungarian National Bank, the Banking Association and the Ministry of Finances to set up “Fintelligence Centres”.

2015 – After the increase in the efficiency of the representational work, the representational weight of ÖPOSZ has increased, with several new funds joining the Association.

2015 – Complete name and image change.

2015 – The new president of the Hungarian Association of Pension and Health Care Funds Gábor Kravalik until 2020.

November, 2014 – Cooperation for health – the key players of Hungarian healthcare jointly request that health funds be excluded from tax increases in the process of the planned changes to the cafeteria system.

March, 2013 – „Stability” opens its doors to self-help funds.

March, 2013 – During the general meeting of the Association, the officials are reelected, and a five-member presidency board will take over the head position of the Association instead of the previous seven-member board. The president of „STABILITY” is László Lehoczky.

December 1, 2011 – Dr. Julianna Bába resigns as President of the Stability Fund Association from January 1, 2012: “A new program requires a new president”.

November, 2011 – The first Fund conference in Budapest.

October, 2010 – Press conference about planned government bills and laws that would freeze private pension fund payments.

September, 2010 – The Association’s long-term health fund strategy is presented at a press conference.

July, 2010 – After July 1, 2010, the Stability Fund Association will have all the private pension funds operating in Hungary among its members.

May, 2010 – The department of services expands with FINIT 2 Ltd. and FIRST IT Ltd. After joining, the companies developing the funds’ IT systems will have a better insight into the daily practical work and can be faster and more efficient in the field of developments.

March, 2010 – The TÁRKI Institute for Social Research and the Stability Fund Association gave a joint press breakfast, during which they explained that the returns of the state’s social security system can also be measured.

December, 2009 – The Health Insurance Section of the Association launches a campaign on the future of cafeteria systems and health insurance funds.

November, 2009 – Organized by the Stability Fund Association, Budapest hosted the general meeting of the EFRP in autumn.

October, 2009 – The Pension, Healthcare and Fund Conference called “What’s next?” was organized by the Stability Fund Association and by Financial Researcher Ltd. The event took place at the Budapest Congress Center, where renowned professionals and politicians analyzed the future of the sector.

September, 2009 – The Stability Fund Association joins the work of the Finance College of the Social and Labour Ministry’s Consumer Protection Council.

June, 2009 – The members of the Association carry out intensive lobbying activities together, related to the taxation of voluntary funds. Collaborations with affiliates, large employers, trade unions.

May, 2009 – The 2008 Yearbook of the Stability Fund Association is published, in which the articles, analysis and studies of fund managers, the sector’s partners and renowned economists can be read.

April, 2009 – EPOSZ (National Association of Health Funds) merged together with the Stability Fund Association.

March, 2009 – The Association of European Pension Savings Organizations (EFRP- held its annual conference in Budapest. The Stability Fund Association helped to organize the event.

January, 2009 – The Association signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Banks and the Association of Investment Service Providers.

January, 2009 – The Work Groups established at the end of the previous year have been actively participating in the work of the Association since 2009, including the Investment Work Group, the Legal, Regulatory and Taxation Work Group, the Finance and Accounting Work Group, the Central Taxation Communication Work Group, the Health Insurance Work Group and the Employers’ Funds Work Group.

October, 2008 – Annual Fund Conference is held in Siófok.

October, 2008 – The Association of the Hungarian Investment Fund Managers and Asset Managers and the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies join the Association.

April, 2008 – The Association joins the work of the Financial Sector’s Subcommittee of the National Euro Coordination Committee established by the Ministry of Finance and the Hungarian National Bank. The aim of the work is to review the practical tasks that arise on national level that need to be carried out at all levels of society in order for the currency exchange to run smoothly.

June, 2007 – Discussion on data transport in the BM Danube Palace between the private pension funds and APEH.

March, 2007 – Within a celebratory signing ceremony, a unified contract is created between the private pension funds and APEH regarding the centralized collection of membership and other fees.

March, 2007 – EFRP’s CEEC forum is established, requested to be chaired by Csaba Nagy, President of the Stability Fund Association.

February, 2007 – The work meeting of the Central and Eastern European Pension Fund Association in Budapest.

February, 2007 – Private pension funds agree on signing a unified contract for the centralized collection of membership and other fees.

October, 2006 – The first Health Insurance Conference is established with the participation of the EPOSZ Association.

October, 2006 – Signing of a cooperation agreement with the National Association of Health Funds.

August, 2006 – President Csaba Nagy discusses co-operation between pension associations in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Sofia.

June, 2006 – General Assembly, establishment of fund departments.

June, 2006 – Signing of a cooperation agreement with the National Association of Hungarian Pension Funds.

June, 2006 – First Pension Conference.

January, 2004 – The Stability Fund Association becomes an observer member of the EFRP.

April, 2003 – The annual general meeting of the European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP) in Dublin decides on the enrollment of Stability.

October, 2000 – Registration by the Capital Court under the serial number 9050.

May 29, 2000 – Establishment of the Stability Pension Fund Association.